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So, imagine that,  I failed yet again at my goal of keeping this updated.  😦   Once again, i’m going to try and keep it up,  at least until my wedding and the internet drought of our honeymoon.   I’ve come to the realization that there are people that I know that still don’t know I am getting married.   A few have been a bit vocal about it, and this actually quite bothers me.   I do my best to keep everyone in the loop, but life, school, and planning this damned awesome thing have collectively stomped on many of my plans.   If you didn’t know i was getting married, and are finding out this way, I’m sorry but things fall through the cracks. I don’t mean to exclude you.

So anyway, wedding planning!   It’s actually sorta fun when all the big stuff is booked and taken care of to look back and see how much has actually been accomplished.

  • Officiant — This is the person that actually marries us.  Our officiant is Donna Goodrum.  We met with her not too long ago, and she seems really nice.
  • Limo — Okay, this isn’t absolutely necessary but it is certainly nice.   We’ve booked a 14 person limo through Millennium limos.   They’re a fairly laid back company, but they come highly recommended from just about everywhere
  • cake —  Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the cake place.   It has a lot of p’s in it.   I am somewhat worried that the cake isn’t going to turn out the way we want, but I’m not going to stress over it too much until the day of.    It’s going to be a topsy-turvy layer cake with a Dr. Who police call box on top.
  • Ceremony Venue — We booked the Botanical gardens a long time ago.  It’s a private ceremony so it can be as special as possible. 🙂
  • Reception Venue — Arnaldo’s!  it’s a wonderful banquet center that has a wonderful starry ceiling.
  • Rings —  This has actually been a tough one for us.   We’ve had three places either not be willing or not be able to make the rings that we wanted.   We’ve finally gotten them ordered and their on their way!

I’m sure that there are things that I’m missing with this, but it’s a good start.   I’m sure I’ll be posting again about other wedding stuff, so I can catch stuff I’ve missed there.


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